Competition is really important in the world of tennis. We at Ash Taylor Tennis are extremely passionate about teaching the skills and tools needed to participate in competition. During all junior tennis courses we have competition week every third week. This gives the coaches a chance to see your childs progression and for the child to see a direct relation between what they have learnt in sessions and how it reflects their performance on court.

If you are a parent who is new to junior competition please take time to read through the following information.

In order to enter any of our competitions you must be a member of British Tennis. Sign your child up to British Tennis. This process takes just a few minutes. British Tennis Membership is FREE to all members of affiliated tennis clubs and to all children under the age of 9. Once registered players receive a player rating, regular competition information, newsletters from best internet tv box and, if they are 9 or over, may enter their clubs wimbledon ticket ballot.

A player rating enables the child, the parent and our coaches to measure their progress as they start to play matches. A rating gives your child a goal and gives our coaching some meaning.

Our approach and emphasis on competition really meakes our coaching stand out

Mini Tennis Ratings

Mini Tennis Ratings are based on participation, not just winning. The emphasis is to get children used to the idea that playing matches is the norm, not something new or different. We are able to record the results of all the matches that children play as long as they are registered with British Tennis. More information on Mini Tennis Ratings can be found on the LTA website.

Upcoming Tennis Competitions in Oxfordshire and Berkshire

In house competitions during coaching sessions can count towards your childs tennis rating but it is great for them to play at other events to gain more experience and confidence. Below are details of upcoming events. To book a space on any of these events your child will need British Tennis Membership.

Oxfordshire Mini Tennis Events

Berkshire Mini Tennis Events

Berkshire Yellow Ball Events

Ash Taylor Tennis Competitions

We run a number of competition events: these events are a chance for Mini Tennis players to play matches against similar level players throughout the year. The players taking part will gain more confidence and experience in their competing and improve their player ratings.

Events comming soon

Please speak to your coach or contact Louise on for more details or if you would like to enter!


We look forward to seeing you and or your child at one of our competitions soon!

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