How We Help Clubs

How We Can Help Your Tennis Club


Looking to run a successful club with less pressure and more time to play tennis? Sounds appealing doesnt it! Ash Taylor Tennis has the solution.

At Ash Taylor Tennis we have many years experience of working with Tennis Clubs and best digital tv box. We understand that the majority of clubs are run by volunteer committees who may find the amount of work involved overwhelming due to their busy schedules outside the club environment. As a result we have developed a comprehensive service to take away these pressures and by working with tennis clubs we aim to ensure that your club has a strong and vibrant future.

If you’re looking to get your club working at its optimum level, maybe it’s time you called in Ash Taylor Tennis.

The aim of any good tennis club is to appeal to tennis players of a wide variety of ages and skill levels. Most importantly it is facilitate the playing of tennis in a fun and relaxed environment. By having a strong membership range from juniors to seniors will help ensure that your club will have a secure future. For those who are new to the game or are returning after a break there will be a need for coaching and for those who are more skilled and enjoy competition will enjoy playing in a competitive environment. All of these factors are vitally important but clearly place adminstrative burden on volunteers. Ash Taylor Tennis will remove these burdens by working with your club to provide a comprehensive coaching and playing programme whilst you still retain ownership and generate a good stream of income.

Ash Taylor tennis will help you

  • Increase membership,
  • Eradicate the administrative burden on volunteers,
  • introduce a comprehensive coaching and playing programme for all ages and abilities
  • Help you club attain Club Mark
  • Help with Coach finding the right coach for your club

Ash Taylor Tennis Complete Club Support Solutions is a comprehensive service which includes the following:


  • Complete administration, marketing and delivery of the junior and adult club programmes. This includes provision for the progression of talented juniors
  • Coach recruitment, support, education and mentoring to staff the junior and adult club programmes
  • Administration, marketing and delivery of a competition programme in line with the national competition framework including competition results submission to the LTA
  • Communication with school sports partnerships to establish links with local primary and secondary schools to maintain player intake to the programme
  • Monitoring of every junior “student’s” progress with written termly reports from their coaches
  • Administration, marketing and delivery of holiday camps using licensed coaches, registered assistants and leaders
  • Regular reports and a monitoring process to enable the club to retain ownership of the programme
  • Regular income for the club



“Working with Ash Taylor Tennis has vastly reduced the administrative burden on our volunteers and we are able to tap into a great source of knowledge and experience. In the last two years, our coaching programme has grown from 20 children a week to over 150. We have also obtained Club Mark and are now in a position to increase the  number of floodlights on our courts. It’s great that we are now making an income from coaching, but best of all our membership numbers have soared!”


Kim Fry,Secretary Peppard LTC, Henley-On-Thames, Oxon

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